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Windscreen Repair

Bullseyes, stars ie small shattered areas in laminated Windscreen can be repaired by the injection of a resin which is optically matched to glass and works like a glue in that it bonds the cracks preventing them from spreading, thus eliminated the need to replace it. Very often your windscreen can be repaired regardless of what some opposition services will tell you. Some companies in particular will "encourage" you to replace a windscreen even when it is not necessary, sometimes in a less than honest manner.

There are three main reasons for repairing chips and cracks in laminated windscreens:

First is to stop the initial damage from further cracking and spreading into critical areas, thereby avoiding the expense, mess, risk of leaking and time involved in replacing a whole windscreen. All our repairs are guaranteed not to crack and are accompanied by a life-time written 100% unconditional warranty.

Second, depending on the type and placement of damage and local requirements, it may prevent your car from passing the registration inspection. Again, all our repairs are accomp


Leaking window? We can remove your windscreen and re-apply sealer to ensure it no longer leaks. If your rubber is perished we can replace it and save your old windscreen.


If your painting your car or reparing damage or rust around the windows we are happy to remove the windows and come back and re-fit them another day.